The Dog Days of Summer

August is just around the corner, and I’ve yet to discover that “quiet” part of the summer. Our collection of books to read continues to grow faster than we can send them to our family readers. In July we shipped out nearly 50 books! With school about to start in many places, there will be fewer opportunities for them to take on new material, so we’re going to use this space to advertise books available for review. Publishers and authors have sent us some truly unique books and reading-related materials. The fastest growing part of the collection is a genre of educational books that are perfect for sharing as a family or in a home-schooling situation. To participate in the … Read more

The Shelf Life of a Children’s Book

Well, when we opened the door as a PMA-registered review service, we thought we would get a “couple” books. During the first week we were receiving nearly 30 a day, now it’s down to just one or two a day. Still, at the one-month mark, we’re looking at bookshelves loaded with about 200 new books to read. The titles cover every conceivable subject, with plenty to share in each of our age groups. We are thrilled to see the offerings from smaller publishing houses, as well as the creative tools authors and publishers are using to make books come to life (especially for reluctant readers and those requiring remedial reading work). There will be plenty for us to offer for … Read more