National Readers Month is Ending and So is Our Second Year!

When we launched the Reading Tub(tm) web site in October 2003, we didn’t even know it was National Reading Month. We were just wrapped up in our passion to help families find great books to share with the children in their lives. It was with great anticipation that I began digging through all the “stuff” I’ve collected this past year to see how our Second Anniversary compares to our first. I was expecting some great things, but the list of accomplishments is just HUGE. So before I begin the short list, I want to say Thank You to all who have helped us spread the word. What began as a “hobby” is now a 501(c)(3) public charity that is slowly … Read more

The Book Bag, Books for Ages 8 to 12, October 2005

Did you see the National Report Card? There’s some mixed for reading. Some scores are up, but others (namely for eighth graders) have dropped. No surprise, there; it’s much harder for books to compete with games and TV for this age group. Did you know that in our Nation’s Capital 67% of students in the fourth grade fall BELOW BASIC reading levels? How sad is that. Click Here to see the Report Card and search for your state’s reading achievement levels. Here is this month’s list of potential page-turners for that tough middle reader group. by Scott Collier. Angel 2nd Class Bartholomew Pennington sent an Email from Heaven that mistakenly arrived in the In-box of 10-year-old Jordan Mink. Bartholomew’s … Read more

The Book Bag, Books for Ages 4 to 8, October 2005

Well, we only posted reviews for about twenty-five books this month. Still, that makes it plenty hard enough to whittle out just a few to be highlighted in the Book Bag. Next month look for reviews of holiday books. We’ll try to get our list out around Thanksgiving.Adventures of Riley: Mission to Madagascar by Amanda Lumbry and Laura Hurwitz. Riley and family are in search of the rare aye-aye Lemur. The book is crammed with fun stuff to do and learn. It covers geography, nature, animal habitat, conservation in just a couple dozen pages. The passport is a great way to encourage additional global discoveries and learning.An African ABC by Jacqui Taylor. This ABC book features plants, animals and culture … Read more