The Wash Rag, Spring 2006

Sorry to be delayed with this edition of the Wash Rag. We’ve been wrapped up in launching some new initiatives … including upgrading The Reading Tub™ Web site … and balancing that with some not-so-run-of-the-mill “speed bumps of life.” Check out the site. It looks and works fabulously. (Keep reading to learn more.) IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have a web site that has links to Reading Tub™ profiles, you will want to find your book and update the hyperlink. Click here. If you need help with retrieving the link, just send us an email. Given the number of unsolicited requests you get in your mailbox, you know that non-profits survive only as long as they have the financial support to … Read more

The Bookbag, Books for Ages 4 to 8, May/June 2006

Welcome to summer … we’ve had a chance to read some great books with relaxing, fun-family themes. As always, books a presented in alphabetical order. Dear Fish by Chris Gall. Peter Alan and his family enjoyed their day at the beach. Being the polite guest, he wrote a nice note to the fish and invited them to come to his home some time. Who knew fish knew how to read? “The story has lots of action (both in illustration and word choice) to keep readers attentive and/or interacting with the book.” (Little, Brown and Company, 2006) Families are Forever by Deb Capone. Rain, a six-year-old girl, tells us how she came from China to live with her Mom and Bo, … Read more

The Bookbag, Books for Ages 8 to 12, May/June 2006

In pulling together the collection for this edition of the Tween book bag, we searched for titles that would be of interest (and value) to all readers this summer. Book titles are listed in alphabetical order. Aaron Brooks: Rise Above by Aaron Brooks, with Greg Brown. Aaron Brooks is a gifted and talented quarterback who plays for the New Orleans Saints. He has earned respect, praise, and fame for his accomplishments inside and outrside athletics. Successful as he has become, Aaron is well aware of how fortunate he has been to have family and mentors who helped keep him focused on his goals. Aaron is appreciates how fortunate he has been and hopes his story will help others achieve their … Read more