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It’s hard to believe it’s been two months since we last posted some news. Between family events and vacation, and TONS of reading new books, summer has come and is just about gone. We’re starting to get promo material and books Christmas already. If you’ve tried to visit the site lately you know that there are still some kinks we’re working out in the Upgrade. Technology is what it is, so we just wait. Because we embed links to books and Website pages, the snafu has delayed our ability to get the Summer Edition of the Wash Rag and the July/August Book Bags published. Rest assured, we’ll get them out as soon as possible. The interviews look terrific … and … Read more

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It is a good thing that the Reading Tub has a virtual bottom, because our Tub would be overflowing with everyone who’s interested in supporting children’s literacy. To help manage our communication effort, we are moving to a third-party provider for newsletters, etc. There will be no changes to our usual in-frequent schedule of correspondence. We know how much ‘stuff’ lands in your In-box, we get it too. That’s why we only communicate when we have something valuable to say. Please take a moment to sign up so that you can continue to receive news and information about Children’s literacy and learn about some of terrific books that will energize your kids to keep reading and learning. Authors & publishers, … Read more