Authors are Entrepreneurs, Too

Carolynn Duncan has launched her second Hundred Dollar Business Venture. She is going to start, operate and wrap-up a micro business. Why are we posting her info … because authors are entrepreneurs, too, and if you are a fan of Carolyn Howard-Johnson’s and Christine Hohlbaum, you know that creativity is at the heart of promoting your book … so take a creative look inside and read on! The Entrepreneur Story.” This is our second Hundred Dollar Business venture, and follows our model of using 30 days and $100 to start, operate, and wrap up a micro-business. The Update Our goal is to gather 100 entrepreneurs’ stories (1 from each of the 50 states, 1 from each continent, and the rest … Read more

Reading Aloud … It’s Good for Everyone

Yesterday, I (finally) had the chance to catch up on some literacy stuff. Imagine how thrilled I was to see that Jim Trelease, author of The Read Aloud Handbook, will be offering two presentations at the Virginia Festival of the Book (known affectionately as VABook). This year one of our primary goals is to increase access to information that can help kids learn to read … I’ll let you know what I learn. If you have any questions, send them along. If I get a chance, I’ll be happy to ask them! This work by Reading Tub is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 US License

Writing Competion with College Tuition as the Award

Baker Tritten Press has announced an international chapter book contest for high school students. This is an opportunity for budding authors to write — and have published — a book for their peers. We can’t say it any better, so (with permission) we’re pasting in the press release! The Tweener Time International Chapter Book Competition which was announced about 4 weeks ago when 10,000 packets were mailed to all the high schools in Indiana and the four contiguous states, media in the South Bend region, and ACSI schools around the world. Before it was officially released [Marvin Baker] had already received an inquiry from a homeschool student in China. 700 schools outside the US have been alerted to the contest. … Read more