The Book Bag, Books for Ages 9 to 12 November/December 2007

Still searching for the perfect gift for the picky pre-teen? Keep reading, you may just find something that sounds like the Tween in your life. Still, if you have decided to go the gift card route, why not buy one for a bookstore? Annie the Mysterious Morgan Horse by Ellen Feld. When her barn caught fire, Polly, a Morgan horse, took the opportunity to escape her cruel masters. Ultimately, she ended up at the Gallant Morgan Horse Farm, with a new life and a new name. Heather, who boards horses at the farm, fell in love with “Polly,” and was afraid that if the truth came out, she’d lose the horse. “This is a wonderful story. Although there is lots … Read more

Reading Ahead – Books for Ages 0 to 4 (November 2007)

We haven’t gotten a lot of titles that really struck us as unique this month. The Snowman’s Song: A Christmas Story by Marilee Joy Maryfield The illustrations just look wonderful, and the message is wonderful (without being Santa!). Rory Zuckerman has created the Sleepy Sheep board book series that teaches kids shapes, colors, numbers, and their ABCs. I’m disappointed that we don’t have anyone in our house that fits this target audience. The sheep are adorable and the format looks a little more unique than what we were reading! Alphabetical Sleepy Sheep (Little Lion Press, 2007)Counting Sleepy Sheep (Little Lion Press, 2007)Colorful Sleepy Sheep (Little Lion Press, 2007)Shapely Sleepy Sheep (Little Lion Press, 2007) This work by Reading Tub is … Read more

Reading Ahead – Books for ages 5 to 8 (November 2007)

Adventures of Riley: South Pole Penguins by Amanda Lumry and Laura Hurwitz. This is one of those book series that whenever a new title comes in, we’re ready to read it. [We’ve already read Polar Bear Puzzle.] Having penguins and polar bears side-by-side will make for nice “themed” reading time. Benjamin P. Blizzard Welcome to Christmastown by Karen L. Nivens. This is going to be a largely text-driven story, but the premise of a polar bear cub creating “catastrophe” in the elves’ workshop sounds intriguing. A Camping Spree with Mr. Magee and Down to the Sea with Mr. Magee by Chris Van Dusen. The illustrations catch your eye immediately. They’re humorous and look like they’re “stuck” in the 1950s … … Read more