The Book Bag, Books for Ages 0 to 4, January/February 2008

We’ve been very busy reading these past two months. If you search January 2008 or February 2008 you can see all of the titles we’ve reviewed. You’ll need to search the site, not the catalog. For our Book Bag feature, we’ve selected some of our favorites, separated by age group. We had very few books for the infant/toddler audience. I Wonder … by Harriet Fishel Life would certainly be different if our favorite numbers from 1 to 5 went away. What would our hands and feet look like? Is a triangle still a triangle without three sides? And what about life on the farm. Where would we get blankets if not for sheep’s wool? how would we grow without milk? … Read more

The Book Bag, Podcast Reviews

We’ve got a special pocket in the Book Bag for Just One More Book! Three times a week you can listen to podcasts of the books Mark and Andrea are reading with their girls. They’ve also got great interviews, like this one with Henry Winkler, who talks about dyslexia. Here are some of recent favorites recommended by Just One More Book! Books for Kids ages 0 to 3 There Were Monkeys in my Kitchen! by Sheree Fitch, illustrated by Marc Mongeau. “Concentrated comedy, chaos, and commotion explode from every detail-packed image and fervent verse of this frenzied celebration of syllables and silliness.” (Doubleday Canada, 1992) Spotty & Eddie Learn to Compromise by Lisa M. Chalifoux, illustrated by Heather Castles. “What … Read more

The Book Bag, Books for Ages 9 to 12, January/February 2008

This edition of the Book Bag has several titles from our Reading Ahead collection that lived up to expectation. Child Out of Place: A Story of New England by Patricia Q. Wall. In 1802, Matty Warren became a freed slave. Now she is telling her story to her children and grandchildren. She wants them to understand that while they were technicall free, American society was not ready to treat former slaves as equals. In fact, everyday life for black people, free or slave, was very dangerous. “[This is] top drawer. The author knows how to craft a unique and charming story and keep her reader’s attention.” Destiny, Valor, and a Lizard Named Louie by Michael Ambrosio. This story for pre-teens … Read more