Book Expo America: What’s In it for Us?

What is Book Expo America? Well, it’s lots of things. First, you’ll likely hear it called B-E-A. We all love acronyms, but you want to pronounce this one by its letters, not as a name (like Aunt Bea).  Publishers, authors, book-related-product makers, and lots of other reading-related industry folks all set up shop. Authors, publishers, book-related-product makers, librarians, book-buyers, bookstore owners, and the like all come to visit them.  To learn, to share, snag a few autographs, and pick up free books. It is part book fair (in the sense that there are lots of books), part media session (authors and illustrators sign books ), and part professional training (there are lots of seminars). What BEA is not: the mall. … Read more

Reading Round-up, 27 May 2008

Happy Tuesday! Hope it was a great weekend. This week’s Reading Round-up will have to carry us for two weeks. I am heading to Book Expo America in Los Angeles, CA, tomorrow, and will have plenty of catching up to do, so I’m taking the week “off.” Online Journals and eMags and Tours de Literary ForceThe Spring edition of The Wash Rag, the Reading Tub’s® quarterly newsletter is up. You can read a digest version (blog entry) or the splashier complete edition (pdf).Have you heard about the Summer Blog Blast Tour, aka SBBT? Jump in and see what it’s all about. Essentially, it is a virtual children’s book tour packed with interviews of authors and illustrators. Colleen Mondor, of Chasing … Read more

The Wash Rag, Spring 2008 Newsletter

This is the digest version of The Wash Rage, the Reading Tub’s quarterly newsletter. If you prefer, you can read the newsletter edition, it has a lot more links and tidbits, like this one … Which teacher has the bigger influence on our kids’ reading? The one who spends 900 hours in school with them or the one at home who spends 7,800 hours with them? Paraphrase … Jim Trelease, Read Aloud Handbook, Introduction, xv. Fifth revised Edition, 2006CHAPTER ONE … General Tub StuffWelcome to all of our new subscribers and registered readers. It’s wonderful to know there are so many people interested in children’s literacy and reading. We are honored that you think enough of us – and what … Read more