The Wash Rag, Readng Tub Newsletter, Summer 2008

This is the digest version of The Wash Rag, the Reading Tub’s quarterly newsletter. If you prefer, you can read the newsletter edition. It has a lot more links and tidbits, like this one … Thanks to Mother Nature, the Swans Island (Maine) public library has burned to the ground. The library lost all of its holdings and needs your help.Chapter One … General Tub Stuff In the Spring Edition, I was packing for BookExpo America. Even though BEA is “just” three days, its effects last a very long time. Now, a month later, I am re-energized, refocused, and drowning in books … all good things. The Reading Ahead posts for May/June at Scrub-a-Dub-Tub; the Reading Tub® blog is filled … Read more

A Little Respect, Please (Soapbox Series, 2)

Usually, I don’t open a post with questions, but today I am starting with these:  Why do we need to use everyday bodily functions to create humor in picture books? Can anyone tell me why we need sex in books for 10-year-olds? P-L-E-A-S-E don’t try to tell me that it’s because they see it on TV or hear it from their friends. We are talking about reading a book, not watching YouTube. Yes, I am getting cranky about this. When I am sorting new arrivals or selecting books to read (or share with other families!), I look at each one on several levels: as a Mom, as book geek, as someone who loves great storytelling, and as literacy advocate. Every … Read more

Reading Round-Up, 22 July

July 21st is the Summer Solstice … traditionally the hottest day. So what’s a girl to do but stay inside and “relax” with her favorite reading resources. I promise that it isn’t on purpose that lots of links go back to The Guardian … we got the leads from other sources. It does make for some anecdotal data on the coverage that literacy and reading is getting in the UK! Mark Your CalendarsBYOB – Bring Your Old Books I love that! On July 27, 2008, Project Learn in Medina, OH (Cleveland) is celebrating its 25th Anniversary by inviting the public to BYOB to a party on Public Square. They are hoping to receive 5,000 books. Project LEARN of Medina County … Read more