Reading Round-Up, 29 September

Happy Monday! First it has been great catching up with all the happenings in the Second Annual Kidlitosphere Conference last weekend in Portland, Oregon.  Given the number of posts rolling in this morning, it looks like everyone had a terrific time and safe journeys home. If you want to have one-stop reading, head over to the  Portland Kidlit blog, where everyone is adding posts and pictures from the weekend. Now back to our regularly scheduled program … Literacy Events, Activities, and Book Drives Banned Book Week Every year, we observe (and remind ourselves about) the opportunities reading gives us in an event called Banned Book Week. It is always the last week of September, and it starts this week.  I’ve seen lots of posts already, but my … Read more

We’re Having a Cow

When my daughter came in after school today, she had a new friend. A cow. Named Mac. He’ll be living with us until Tuesday. Mac is a stuffed cow … and a clever disguise for a homework assignment. He comes with a journal, a pencil, and some crayons. The cow-sitter is responsible for writing about her adventures with Mac in the class journal.   So far, Mac has met Casey (the dog), gotten dressed for the princess ball, and taken a long bike ride to the park. Cool, Mac exercises, too.   Happy Friday. See you Moo-nday. 


I first started writing this for next week’s Reading Round-up, but then I decided to have fun with it as a post all its own. Over at the Wild Rose Reader, Elaine Magliaro has two terrific posts about having fun with all those falling (or about to be falling) leaves. In Autumn Leaf Crafts & Activities you’ll find great ideas (and links) for fun things to do with leaves. You’ll also find a link to her Nonfiction Monday post with a comprehensive review of Look What I Did with a Leaf! So, as I was writing about Elaine’s posts, my brain started branching out with ideas for stories you can share to go along with the theme. We’d love to … Read more