Review: Maybelle Goes to Tea

Maybelle Goes to Teawritten by Katie Speckillustrated by Paul Ratz de Tagyos(Henry Holt and Company, 2008) “What an Adorable Cockroach” is not a statement I ever expected to say in this lifetime. My bug-loving daughter? Yes. Me? Uh, no. But in the interest of full disclosure, I must admit that I did in fact utter those words … several times. Tell me, would you be able to resist a cockroach with a pink bow in her hair? The StoryMaybelle and her friend Henry (a flea) live at Number 10 Grand Street. Maybelle doesn’t like the risks that come with being adventurous, and she is content to live under the refrigerator in a house where everything is just so: nothing out … Read more

Reading Round-Up, 17 November

As promised and hot off the (virtual) presses, is this week’s edition of Children’s Literacy Round-up at Jen Robinson’s Book Page. There are lots of great items, and one of the themes of the past week seems to be reading aloud for kids. There is also plenty of chatting about selecting books as gifts. You’ll want to head over to Jen’s to read "How to Choose a Children’s Book (For Grandparents, the Childless, and the Clueless)," an article by Teri Schlichenmeyer for the Midwest Book Examiner. [It’s the fifth item down.] In other news, The November Carnival of Children’s Literature is now available at Mommy’s Favorite Children’s Books. Karen’s theme is "The Gift of Reading," and she has pulled together … Read more

Random Review 5: Nonfiction Monday: Fantastic Female Filmmakers by Suzanne Simoni

As Jen Robinson announced in this post last week, we are experimenting with sharing hosting duties for the weekly Literacy and Reading News round-ups. "Collaboration is the future" is one of the key themes that I took from reading the posts about the Kidlitosphere conference. The round-ups seemed like a logical place to start. As soon as Jen posts the new, I’ll post a link.  So what did I do with all that "extra time" this weekend? I wrote my first Nonfiction Monday review.   Fantastic Female Filmmakers (Women’s Hall of Fame Series) written by Suzanne Simoni Second Story Press, 2008 First let me say that movies are not my thing. The last movie I saw in the theater was National Treasure. The one before that was Good Morning, … Read more