Yea Books!

Our holidays have been filled with books. Our very thoughtful relatives showered us with mother/daughter tandem cookbooks, daddy/daughter books about exploring stars, a folio edition of The Tales of Despereaux, Fancy Nancy books and doll (very cute), Madeline and Madeleine’s Christmas, a couple Nancy Drews to extend my collection, and The Glory Game by Frank Gifford. [We started life as Baltimore Colts fans.] Interestingly enough, these were all family members who don’t read blogs, don’t watch morning television, and didn’t know about the various give-books-for-the-holidays campaign. With the shelves bulging, I was tickled to get a pair of bookends to help keep them in order. Could these be any more perfect?

Greetings from ‘Hoo-ville

This morning I had the pleasure of enjoying Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas at my daughter’s school. It was a one-woman rendition (technically two: the gym teacher played the role of Little CindyLou Who) for all of the K/1 classes (there are eight!). For 30 minutes, all the ‘Hoos here in Hooville, “the tall and the small,” made not a sound as they watched poetry in motion. There was nary a wiggle or sound, except to remind Ms. Maylee that you don’t stand on chairs (it was the Grinch’s sleigh). No doubt the kids were familiar with the story, either reading the book at home or watching the TV program. Still, every one of them paid close attention. … Read more