Words That Make Me Dance

I have been spending the afternoon getting book reviews loaded onto the website. We always include the target audience in our reviews, but these are reviews from our toughest audience: kids who don’t like to read. The group I’m working on today were written by high school readers-in-need who are reading at an upper elementary level. These students have done a wonderful job, no doubt through the dedication of their teacher. I can’t imagine her joy when she read this student’s answer to the question about whether s/he would buy, borrow, or skip this book. “I would buy this book because I really don’t like reading but this book helped me out a lot. I forced myself to read, and … Read more

Books 2008: A Gift for the Ages (Updated – 10 December)

As mentioned previously in lots of places, Colleen Mondor (Chasing Ray) has expanded her annual 12 Days of Book Recommendations into a Holiday Open House for book bloggers. She will be updating this post with recommendations for the first 12 days of December. We have been invited to offer our suggestions for gift books that go beyond the “best of” lists. Our goal is to help you discover a book that will have meaning for the person you’re giving it to. Among all the recommendations, you’re likely to learn about book that match the interests of your recipient. Reading is a gift that lasts a lifetime. It begins with sharing simple stories sitting with a child on your lap and … Read more

Reading Roundup, 8 December

Happy Holidays. We have just about counted up the first twelve. Boy, they’re going fast. As you probably noticed in Jen’s December 1 Children’s Literacy Roundup, we started to see a shift in how the book and literacy communities framed their discussions of reading and literacy. Little less just-the-facts-ma’am, a little more holiday cheer. It continued this week, as we have seen more emphasis on ways to share a love of reading. Events In the Blogosphere & In Your Community If you’re thinking about giving books as gifts, you’ll find great, very thoughtful ideas all around the lit blogosphere. Colleen Mondor is rounding up lots of our book recommendations for holiday shopping at Chasing Ray. Over at Chicken Spaghetti, Susan is … Read more