Science 101: Does Water have a Season?

We recently had the chance to share Ron Hirschi’s non-fiction picture book Ocean Seasons with a Kindergarten class. Let’s just say it made a big splash! In this picture book, Hirshi shows us how the seasons in the Pacific Ocean mirror our experiences on land. In the spring, as more light arrives, plants begin to grow … more plants mean more foraging by the creatures of the sea. As the sun shifts to the southern hemisphere, autumn arrives, and the plants lose the light they need for photosynthesis. Then come the chilly winds of winter. Sound familiar? The illustrations are wonderful, albeit unusual for most of the non-fiction picture books we see. What they offer, though, is a chance to … Read more

If You Take a Child to the Library …

Every day, we get lots of new children’s books here in the Tub. So many, in fact, my office is beginning to look like a library … and, to borrow a turn of phrase that Laura Neumeroff uses … If you think about the library you think about great books … and if you think about great books, you’ll think about great memories … and if you think about great memories, you want to share them with your kids! So as I sit here staring at my own personal “stacks,” I remember my childhood visits to the library. Going to the library was probably how I got hooked on books in the first place. I remember wandering in and out … Read more

The January Carnival of Children’s Literature

Have you visited the carnival lately? For children’s book lovers, this is a year-round event. Each month the carnival moves to a new town (blog), with a new theme. The theme for the January Carnival is Book Awards … Stop by, pick your prize! This work by Reading Tub is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 US License