Use Your ABCs 2009-2010

As I mentioned previously, our Use Your ABCs program is one of my favorite projects in the Reading Tub®.  It is our chance to get great books to the places that need them most: readers-in-need and their teachers. Use Your ABCs is a school-based project to assist at-risk readers. These are readers whose test scores show they are failing benchmarks for their grade level. It is a chance for them to practice reading, comprehension, and writing skills as they work to become successful readers. In general, these are students third grade and higher who are reading at a mid-second grade through seventh grade level. Use Your ABCs partners generally need at least one book per student. In middle and high … Read more

BEA – Ready or Not, Here I Come

I can’t believe BookExpo America is already here! I’m heading to Northern Virginia to stay with a friend this evening, then I’ll take the train to New York tomorrow morning. The most important item on the to-do list is done: Use Catherine’s digital recorder to read her a bedtime story and wish her happy dreams! The bags are almost packed, I’ve picked out some books for the train, and I’ve triple-checked to make sure I have tickets packed, Kidlit contact information, and my “plan” for each day. It’s been a crazy short week, and I’ve got a few things to do. The Reader is bulging, and I want to write the review for Crash Into Me by Albert Borris. Quick … Read more

Just in from the Pasture

Yesterday I spent the day with my daughter and her classmates at Mrs. C’s farm.  Instead of the “usual” class trip, each year, Mrs. C. invites her class and the class next door (it’s a K/1 Team teach) to spend the day at her house. Every Friday afternoon during the year, one of Mrs. C’s students brings home Mac, a little stuffed cow. Mac comes in his own backpack, with a journal and pencil. Each weekend the cow-tender fills the journal with all of the adventures and fun they had with Mac. This is Mac one memorable weekend at our house! Yesterday, everyone got to meet the real Mac. Needless to say, everyone wanted to spend time with him. They … Read more