Week 6 of the Library Club (Updated)

Updated: I can’t count! This is week 6, not week 5. I’m not sure what is harder to accept – that the Summer Reading program at the library ended 25 July or that we’re already at the end of the month! While I understand the logic of keeping the program to six weeks, it just seems like such a short period of time. We got to the library five of the six weeks. Cool! Last week, Catherine stopped by the desk to pick up her toy (a spring-launched car) and then headed straight to the computer to search for Junie B. Jones books. Even cooler! In Week 4 of the Library Club, I showed Catherine how to use the online … Read more

Book Review Update: Famous Figures of Ancient Times

On Monday, I posted a review of Famous Figures of Ancient Times for Nonfiction Monday.  Rarely do the stars align that I write about a book. I just received. For a Community event. But it all worked. Now I have an update. Even rarer! Whenever we write a review for a book donated to us, I always send a link to the donor. In this case, it was Kate Bandos, the publicist. Kate shared our email with Cathy Diez-Luckie, author and creator of the series. Cathy also sent us a note. It is more than just a “thanks for the review,” so I got permission to share it with you. Dear Terry, Thank you for the wonderful review that you … Read more

Book Review: Seven Miles to Freedom

Seven Miles to Freedom: The Robert Smalls Story written by Janet Halfmann illustrated by Duane Smith Published by Lee and Low Books, 2008 Audience (reading level): 7 to 10 (8.5 Flesch Kincaid) Almost two years ago, author Janet Halfmann contacted me to ask if the Reading Tub would be interested in reading her upcoming book Seven Miles to Freedom. She had seen our reviews of two of her other books (Little Skink’s Tail and Hermit Crab’s Home), and thought that this new picture book would also be a good fit for our audience. When it arrived, I knew this was a book I wanted to read before I added it to one of our Use Your ABCs school collections. The … Read more