Let’s Celebrate Reading

I am not comfortable around strident people. Individuals who so strongly believe what they believe that not only will they shout down the ideas of others so they don’t have to listen and no one can hear, but they dismiss the “nonbelievers” as “less than” equal and worse … pass that venom onto others. I am not talking about online book events, I am not talking about people of faith who avow brotherhood but will not shake the hands of someone who does not believe what they do, I’m not even talking about politicians … I am talking about people who know so much about what’s good for us (and our kids) that we don’t need to think for ourselves, … Read more

Book Review: The Adventures of Everyday Geniuses

One of my favorite parts of Book Expo America – aside from the fun of hanging out with fellow bookies – is the chance to chat with authors. When I can get a ticket for a fan favorite and picking up a popular book, I squee! like everyone else. But the REAL rush is in finding new authors and undiscovered gems. Like many of us, I stood in line Sunday morning so that Barbara Esham could sign a copy of her book Mrs. Gorski I Think I Have the Wiggle Fidgets. This children’s picture book is part of the Adventures of Everyday Geniuses series. When I looked closer, I saw that the publisher, Mainstream Connections, is in Perry Hall, Maryland. … Read more