Books for Christmas – Fa La La La La …

I hope you’ve been enjoying a relaxing, memorable holiday break. Although I’m not technically back in the office until next week, I’ve been sneaking into the office periodically (read: when Bill takes Catherine to swim practice) to see who’s around and what’s going on. Following Charlotte’s example at Charlotte’s Library, I thought I would share the new books in our collection. I took these pics on Sunday morning, before we caught up with my brother and his family to exchange gifts, so there is one more book for us Catherine. As I’ve mentioned before, my Dad is a H-U-G-E reader, so he selects a lot of the books and is the sole giver. In the package of books for Catherine, … Read more

Happy Holidays: A 2009 slideshow

It has been an incredible year … my thanks to this community for sharing your passion and ideas so freely. Enjoy. Make a Smilebox slideshow Catherine isn’t the only one addicted to Smilebox! Credits: Photo of father and daughter reading; book pages shaped as heart – Terry Doherty. Photos of other parents/kids reading – Microsoft Clipart collection and Flickr. Photo of the Booklights Team – Jen Robinson. Logos are the property of their respective creators. They are used her for noncommercial, share/share alike use.