There’s Still Time for Your Letter to Santa

This is a lightly modified version of an article I wrote for in November 2009. Tis the season for ‘round the clock toy commercials! The annual brigade of gadgets and widgets that entice our kids to say “Mom, can I have that?” If your kids haven’t written that letter to you-know-who, there’s still a few days left. [And if you have 27″ of snow and can’t go anywhere, then what are you waiting for?] Helping our kids write that letter is the least we can do to help make their wishes come true. As honorary helpers, we have a close personal relationship with the “big guy,” so we know just how important these letters are to him and the … Read more

Holiday Gifts with an “I” Toward Literacy

For the past few weeks – and over the next few days – the airwaves will be filled with suggestions for gifts. There are many, many recommendations for books. Maybe it is because we’re snowed in with two feet of snow, but I’m going to go in a different direction … The fun of the holidays, for me, is selecting a gift that shows the recipient that you gave a lot of thought to the present. Ideally, it matches their interests and stretches them just a little in new directions. With the kids in my life, I look for gifts that look more fun than educational. For example, kids who love mysteries and riddles might enjoy word puzzles or games. … Read more