Getting Organized

It has been quiet in the Tub these past few days as I am doing what everyone else is doing: clearing the way for an organized new year and putting all the keys in place to do that. The front end is heavy on the details and planning (like setting up links and categories), but ultimately it will make life easier by streamlining steps, consolidating content, and discouraging me from sneaking in the office on the weekends! The first step is this new blog. It irks me that I can’t get my Cybils widget to work … but I will keep trying to at least get the Cybils button up.

Diversity Rocks! Book Challenge

When I started the Reading Tub, I wrote the tag line “Turning a page … opening the world.” I thought it captured the potential and reach of reading. There is so much to explore between the covers of a book. Reading can transport you to new places (of this earth and beyond), introduce you to new people (real and not), and expand your everyday world. That idea is what drew me to Ali’s Diversity Rocks! book challenge. One of the things I like about the challenge (aside from the flexibility) is that it will help me take a more thoughtful approach in selecting books I read. Frankly, I don’t think about ethnicity or race when I look at a book. … Read more

Reading Roundup, 5 January

Happy New Year! It feels good (if not a little overwhelming) to be back in the office. Catherine was very excited to head back to school this morning. She thought that since it is a new year, then she must be in a new grade. Oh, to have a first grader’s sense of time! Like the rest of us, she is charged by that internal clock that says "it’s time for a fresh start." As I mentioned in my New Year’s resolutions post, bloggers within the Lit-blogosphere are energized and posting lots of fresh ideas for reading, reviewing, and blogging about books in 2009. In the kidlitosphere (since I follow that most closely), great things come from the conversations on … Read more