Cybils 2010: Ready to Go in Three Easy Steps

In less than 48 hours, you will be able to nominate your favorite book in any or all of the nine Children’s and Young Adult Bloggers’ Literary Awards: Emerging Readers: Fiction Picture Books, Nonfiction Picture Books Developing Readers: Easy Reader and Early Chapter (fiction and nonfiction) Independent Readers: Middle Grade Fiction, Young Adult Fiction Mixed audiences: Graphic Novel,  Nonfiction Middle Grade and Young Adult, Poetry, and Science Fiction & Fantasy In putting together your list, the first thing to check is the publication date. To be eligible for this year’s Cybils, a book must be published between 16 October 2009 and 15 October 2010.  If you’re not sure, bookseller websites sometimes include that level of detail. For example, when you … Read more

Book Talk: Penny Dreadful by Laurel Snyder and What to Read When by Pam Allyn

Books that talk about books are so fun to read. As you go along, wonderful, highly personal little moments pop into view. Memories come flooding back at the mere mention (or sight) of a title.  You’re reading someone else’s words, but they are somehow becoming part of you, too. That’s how it is with Penny Dreadful by Laurel Snyder and What to Read When by Pam Allyn. Both Pam and Laurel jump right into their respective texts by talking about books. In her Acknowledgments, Ms. Allen names the book she would give to each person who has helped her in writing her book. One by one, she “gifts” a book and explains why that is the selected choice for that … Read more