Children’s Literacy and Reading News Roundup – mid-July 2011

Where to start with the greetings … happy Friday, happy Summer, happy gummie worm day! Hope you’re enjoying Air Conditioning Appreciation Days (lasts til 8/15), too. Welcome to the mid-July Children’s Literacy and Reading News Roundup brought to you by Jen Robinson’s Book Page, The Family Bookshelf, and Rasco from RIF. Over the month of June, Jen Robinson, Carol Rasco, and I have collected content for you about literacy & reading-related events; literacy and reading programs and research; and suggestions for growing bookworms.   Literacy & Reading-Related Events For the first Friday in July (just before taking a summer blogging break) Jama Rattigan posted her late-June interview with Lee Bennett Hopkins. It is a lovely interview, and while you may know about all … Read more

Wednesday Blurb: A Mid-Summer Bookmark

Aloha! Hope you’re having a summer filled with plenty of fun and great reading. Even though the calendar says that summer will continue for months, once the smoke from the July 4th fireworks clears and the back-to-school ads start my brain shifts gears. It has been an odd summer. Blogging is just about nil and reading has slowed down significantly, and shock-of-shocks, we haven’t gone to the library. The reasons? 1. The shelves are bulging. There are so many books on the shelves that I just can’t “justify” going to the library. We have plenty of outstanding requests to read/review, and at the beginning of summer a friend starting a new school gave us a full collection (about 150 books) … Read more

Monday Blurb: KidLitCon 2011 – September in Seattle

Wow! September in Seattle celebrating all the things I love … autumn, friends, and childrens & Young Adult books, authors, and illustrators. Buried too deep in a post last week, I mentioned that planning for the fifth annual KidLitCon was underway. Last year I couldn’t go because of a family commitment, but I left room in the budget so I wouldn’t miss it this year. Yes, it is just that special. I’ve only been to one other (Washington, DC), but the experience was so wonderful that KidLitCon goes on my annual short list of conferences to attend. Why? Glad you asked. 1. Camaraderie – KidLitCon not only gives me a chance to put names with faces and chat with rock-star … Read more