Thursday Blurb: This requires more than 140 characters

Dear blogging friends, followers, and subscribers, Thank you for your patience and loyalty. For the past several days I have been clearing out the cobwebs of summer and am seeing just how much you’ve done to support the Reading Tub while I was away these past 60 days. My heartfelt thanks to the authors and publishers who sent us books. They are now unwrapped and logged in our database. We hope to match them with reviewers soon. I am VERY grateful for all of the mentions and new followers on Twitter. It took 4 hours (!) to read the emails that introduced you as a new follower or recognized your tweeting on our behalf. We are now following you in … Read more

Tuesday Blurb: Three Ways to Help Your Local School

School starts in our district this week. In less than twenty-four hours, I will pack a lunch, snap some pictures, and smile as the 9-year-old bounces up the street and onto the bus. We love summer, but we both love school, too! If you subscribe to the Wash Rag, our August edition has already arrived in your mailbox.  The Wash Rag  offers exclusive content for subscribers, with content tailored to your audience of interest (0 to 4, 5 to 9, 10 and Up).. Let me just say this month we have tips for getting in a back-to-school frame of mind and a couple book recommendations. Today I’ve got some ideas on ways you can help your school, even if you … Read more

Children’s Literacy and Reading News Roundup – Early August 2011

Where has the time gone? I was looking for an easy way to get this post started and the last Roundup post I found to replicate from my archives was May! Holy, cow! On with the show … Jen Robinson is hosting the mid-August edition of the children’s literacy and reading news round-up at Jen Robinson’s Book Page. As you know, Jen, Carol Rasco of  Rasco from RIF, and I create a twice-monthly post collecting new, exciting, and thought-provoking items from around the web. Over the past couple of weeks Jen Robinson and Carol Rasco have collected plenty of content for you about literacy & reading-related events, programs, and research. If you haven’t stopped by Jen’s yet, do grab your favorite … Read more