UPDATED: Literacy + Kindergarten = From ABCs to Reading Words

Wow! We’re here already! Welcome to the last day of Share a Story – Shape a Future 2013. It has been a wonderful week of exploring the early stages of literacy. Today, we’re celebrating that transition from identifying letters to putting them together to recognizing words and writing them, too! The moment when our kids realize they are really reading all by themselves is magical! I tend to liken it to Christmas morning … and our guests today, do as well. Susan Stephenson reminds us that reading is not just books at the Book Chook; Debbie Alvarez describes the Kindergarten Reader at The Styling Librarian; Mia Wenjen explains the reading and writing connection in her post Invented Spelling and Creating … Read more

Share a Story: “I’m too tired” Mother’s Literacy Helpers

Welcome visitors and Share a Story – Shape a Future afficianados and literacy passionistas. Today’s theme for the Share a Story literacy blog tour is the Terrific Twos. Even nine years removed, I can still *feel* the exhaustion of that bundle of energy and curiosity that was my (then) two-year-old daughter. My favorite times of day were nap time and bedtime.No, not so that I could collapse on the couch, but because we could settle down for 15-20 minutes with children’s books. As much as I looked forward to those daily milestones, there were times when I was just too tired to “put on” my best baby bird or drop my voice for the “down, down, down” of a favorite … Read more

Literacy Lalapalooza 5 – The ♣ o’ the Irish Edition

Our Literacy Lalapalooza is a 14-month celebration of the Reading Tub’s 10th Anniversary. It is our way of thanking you for sharing the gift of literacy. Each issue will have   Idea for literacy and reading. Tools and/or Resources suggestions (e.g., websites, games, toys) Book ideas, one for each reading group: 0-4, 5-9, 10&Up Sign up for the newsletter edition and DOUBLE the creative literacy ideas. Subscribers already got their email with a completely unique set of recommendations. You must select “Literacy Lalapalooza” in the Sign Me Up For … section 1 Literacy Idea: Pass Me a Word Here’s a dinner table idea that pays homage to the master of letter sounds and silly words: Theodor Seuss Geisel, whose birthday was … Read more