From the Mailbox: Teens Making a Difference

I’ve been doing a little literacy spring cleaning of ye olde inbox. In the process,  I came across an email that I had marked as “save to share” from December 2012. [image credit:] Read on and you’ll see why I thought it was worth saving and sharing! Hi, My name is Beverly, and I’m a faculty advisor for the teen chapter of the Midwest Writing Club. I’m writing to you today because my students have been working on improving their reading and essay writing skills. Your page ( was one that my student, Mary, found to include in our resource guide. I thought you would be happy to hear that :] My students also found a couple of other … Read more

Make a Match: Books for a Striving Reader

In January, I wrote my first post for our Make a Match series. To be frank, it is a plea to my readers for help to find that “just right” book for the tougher bookworms-in-training. I love working with young readers because each one is unique and they all open my eyes to new ways of approaching literacy. Read-alikes are my go-to lists when parents ask for recommendations or I see a reader likes a certain genre. But sometimes, that isn’t enough. Over the years, there are readers who have stumped me. They have very specific likes, dislikes, and reading needs … and I have run out of ideas to hook them on a book. Meet Our Reader: 10-year-old boy who wants … Read more

Children’s Literacy & Reading News Roundup – Mid April

Hugs, prayers, and positive thoughts. We could all use a little more of those right now! Carrie Jones wrote an incredibly powerful post about the after-events of the bombing at the Boston Marathon. I found it via Jen’s post on Facebook. If you are trying to help children cope with tragedy, here is a list of resources that might help. [via School Library Journal’s Extra Helping] __________________ Welcome to the mid-April edition of the Children’s Literacy and Reading News Roundup.  Jen Robinson’s Book Page, The Family Bookshelf, and Quietly share in publishing this twice-monthly collection. Children’s Literacy & Reading-Related Events National Poetry Month is still going gangbusters! There are lots of activities. One of our favorites is 30 Poets 30 Days at Gottabook, … Read more