Literacy Lalapalooza 12 – Plenty of Ideas for Fall

Welcome to Literacy Lalapalooza number 12! Each month since November 2012, we have been celebrating the Reading Tub’s 10th Anniversary. Our goal is to offer simple ways to integrate literacy into everyday activities or moments, as well as some reading ideas. Each edition of our Literacy Lalapalooza has ONE idea for literacy and reading; TWO tools or resource suggestions, and THREE book recommendations (one for each reading age). I need your input: We’ve been publishing the Literacy Lalapalooza for a year. There are just two more left … have the Lalapalooza newsletters and these posts helpful? did they offer fresh ideas? Should we continue? 1 Literacy Idea: Anchorman This idea was inspired by TV Talk Show Host Day (October 27, in case you didn’t … Read more

Cybils: Nomination Ideas for Elementary Nonfiction Readers

One of the great things about the Cybils (aka Children’s and Young Adult Bloggers’ Literary awards) is that a book can only be nominated once. No chads. No stuffing the ballot box. Just a straight-up nomination process. The downside, though, is that a book that you love might deserve nomination … but you already shot your wad. That’s the dilemma for librarians. They don’t just read books, they devour them. In large numbers. So when a children’s librarian tells me she has a few titles she’d like to see nominated in the Elementary / Middle Grade Nonfiction Category, I’m happy to help her get the word out. So here goes … Cybils Nomination  Ideas Nonfiction Elementary / Middle Grade Anubis … Read more