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This isn’t a blog for bookworms only. Lots of us didn’t like to read – and maybe still don’t like to read – but we don’t want to pass that on to our kids. Perfect! Here’s how we can help you …

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Reading is the key to all other learning, and learning to read begins at home. When you share a book with a child, you open worlds, help them in their journey toward lifelong success, and create great memories. The Reading Tub is a nonprofit for children’s and family literacy. Here on our blog, you’ll find news, book reviews, and reading ideas, and creative ways to sneak literacy into everyday activities.

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About Us

The Reading Tub, Inc. is a  nonprofit dedicated to family literacy. Our goal is to encourage families to read together, either with their kids or to their kids. This blog is our way of enjoying and engaging in the conversation about raising readers and supporting family literacy.

We believe reading is a public commodity. It is a skill that touches every facet of our lives and it is something that we need to know how to do. We aren’t born readers, we have to learn how to read. We want to help you see that reading strategies don’t have to be big, formal products … they can be activities incorporated into everyday life.

Although many of us believe that we learn to read in elementary school, the truth is, learning to read starts well before that … when you read aloud with your infant or toddler you are walking the path of family literacy. Of all the reading strategies, reading aloud remains the first, best step to raising a reader.

Visit the Reading Tub website to find articles with reading strategies, ideas for early literacy skills, and finding great books … including book series, which young kids particularly enjoy sharing.

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The Reading Tub, Inc. is a public charity, aka 501(c)(3). Our mission of children’s literacy and family literacy focuses on providing reading materials and tools (e.g., reading strategies, book lists, book series, read alikes, books to read aloud, etc.) to individuals working with at-risk readers. By connecting kids with books we can improve literacy rates and help our kids – and their parents – reach their full potential.