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I created the Reading Tub to help families find great books to share with their kids. In the process, I found a way to bridge the gap that gets books to readers in need. Hope you'll visit often and join our discussion of literacy, reading, and books.

TBT Book Review – A Nest for Celeste

A Nest for Celeste; A Story about Art, Inspiration, and the Meaning of Home written by Henry Cole illustrated by Henry Cole Katherine Tegan Books, 2009 Celeste, our narrator, lives under the floorboards of the Oakley Plantation. This is her story of the the events of the summer of 1821, when John Audubon and his assistant, Joseph Mason, came to sketch and paint the birds in Louisiana. Thrust from her home by two bully rats and a nasty cat, Celeste builds a nest in a forgotten boot, only to discover it wasn’t forgotten when Joseph put his foot in it! Joseph decides to keep Celeste as his companion, often carrying her around in his pocket. Celeste, in her continual search … Read more

TBT Book Review – The Super Sluggers: Slumpbuster

The Super Sluggers: Slumpbuster written by Kevin Markey; illustrated by Royce Fitzgerald HarperCollins Publishers, 2009 Eleven-year-old Banjo H. Bishbash is a phenomenal hitter for the Rambletown Rounders Little League team. His teammates call him “The Great Walloper” because of his prowess with a baseball bat. Things were going well when, out of the blue, The Great Walloper fell into a serious batting slump. The Rounders had expected to win the championship this season but without Walloper’s bat the team’s chances were very bleak. Can the Rounders find a way to bring a championship home to Rambletown? This is a first-person story about baseball, friendship, and self esteem. Reading Tub Review Date: June 2009 An InLinkz Link-up Why a Throwback Thursday for … Read more