The Wash Rag, Winter 2007

THE WASH RAGThe Reading Tub Newsletter, Issue 14, Winter 2007You may be receiving this newsletter E-mail because you contacted The Reading Tub, Inc. and expressed interest in the Reading Tub™ either as someone requesting our services or as a registered reader. If you no longer wish to receive this quarterly newsletter, please click here. Welcome to the first newsletter for the year. Long-time Ragsters know that here in the Tub we work hard to minimize the junk that fills your mailbox. That’s why you only get a quarterly Newsletter! And very few other pieces of mail! You’ll only hear from us when we think there’s something valuable (or important) to say … to get more regular correspondence, be sure to … Read more

The Wash Rag, Fall 2006

THE WASH RAGThe Reading Tub Newsletter, Issue 13, Fall 2006 Don’t you love the new logo? We can’t thank our team at Logoworks enough for their enthusiasm, professionalism, and quick response. They have made it easier for everyone to recognize who we are and help us to achieve our goal:become the go-to resource for family reading and literacy. I’m happy to report that we are back on track with our publication schedule for The Wash Rag. The Reading Tub has a bumper-crop of Featured Authors this quarter, each with very unique journeys en route to becoming published. Each of these authors have stories that embody a universal truth of reading with a child: it is a priceless opportunity to create … Read more

The Wash Rag, Summer 2006

Well, ‘technically’ it is still summer … Just when you think you’ve got technology under control, Tropical Storm Ernesto takes out your electricity and the ISP, too. Go figure! REMINDER: If you have a web site that has links to Reading Tub™ profiles created before July 2006, you will want to find your book and update the hyperlink. Our old style (title+.html) is gone. Now you need to know your book’s ID number. Click here to get started. If you need help with retrieving the link, just send us an email. ADVERTISEMENT: Join the Grannie Annie Project. Kids ages 9 to 14 (fourth through eigth grade) are invited to write a story about their family and have it published in … Read more