Rock the Cybils Awards (and 3 Reasons You Should Apply)

The Children’s and Young Adult Bloggers’ Literary Awards (aka Cybils) is not an event … it is a season. My favorite season. Why? Well, I love autumn, I love Christmas, and I love Valentine’s Day, and Cybils happens during them all! Oh, and it is all about my favorite things – reading and talking about children’s and young adult literature. For the first time in years, I won’t be the Chair of the Easy Reader / Early Chapter Book Category. I am so excited for new chair Katie Fitzgerald. Her passion for the genre is limitless and she’s just gonna rock. Don’t miss your chance to rock Cybils season. Here are my top 3 reasons why you should waste no … Read more

Cybils Meet the Easy Reader/Early Chapter Panelists

It’s Cybils Time! I’ve said it before, but it is worth saying again: I love the Childrens’ and Young Adult Bloggers Literary Awards, aka Cybils. Once again this year, I have the honor of leading the Panels for the Cybils’ Easy Reader / Early Chapter Book Category. We have a wonderful mix of authors, parents, educators, and librarians that should ensure thoughtful, impassioned discussion … exactly what you would expect in a group of people who have to pick the “best” of something! So without further ado, let me introduce the Round 1 and Round 2 panelists for the 2013 Cybils. If you’re not already subscribed to their blog or following them on Twitter, I highly recommend it. CYBILS Round … Read more

Literacy Lalapalooza 8 – Dads, Grads & More

Our Literacy Lalapalooza is a 14-month celebration of the Reading Tub’s 10th Anniversary. It is our way of thanking you for sharing the gift of literacy. Each issue will have   Idea for literacy and reading. Tools and/or Resources suggestions (e.g., websites, games, toys) Book ideas, one for each reading group: 0-4, 5-9, 10&Up Sign up for the newsletter edition and DOUBLE the creative literacy ideas. Subscribers already got their email with a completely unique set of recommendations. You must select “Literacy Lalapalooza” in the Sign Me Up For … section Before we jump in this month, let’s give dads some props for all they do to help kids build their literacy skills. Whether its reading a bedtime story, helping with … Read more