What are the (publishing) Odds? Children’s Authors Take Note

When you finish reading this, you’ll see why it pays to subscribe to E-newsletters! Be selective, and you’ll always find something of interest. I regularly receive Sharing with Writers by Carolyn Howard-Johnson (The Frugal Book Promoter: How to Do What Your Publisher won’t). Today’s edition arrived with this blurb:Only One in 4,000 Children’s Picture Book Manuscripts Ever Get PublishedOne in 4,000! Those are the odds that a children’s book manuscript will ever get into book form. The ABC’s Children’s Picture Book Competition, now in its third year, cuts those odds drastically. Rita Mills, one of the sponsors says, “Any of the ten finalists will be a worthy publishing project, but …the winner to be selected by the parents and children … Read more

Annual Celebration: I Love to Write Day

This is an excerpted Press Release from I Love to Write Day … a great way to encourage a love of reading! The Governor of Delaware, Ruth Ann Minner, officially declared November 15 I Love To Write Day in the State of Delaware, and “urges all Delawareans to set time aside today to write something and share the joys of the written word.” The Governors of seven other states have joined the party, and have proclaimed November 15 I Love To Write Day in their states: Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, New Jersey, Maryland, Louisiana and Kentucky. More Governors will be contacted this year, and asked to recognize I Love To Write Day. Last year, I Love To Write Day was celebrated … Read more

Kids Can Write, Too

Sandra McLeod Humphrey has been helping children for nearly four decades, first as a clinical psychologist, and now as an author and consultant. Her work supports children’s literacy from several venues. First, her award-winning books engage children to discuss the world around them, bringing books to life and helping them apply their messages in the decisions they make every day. Sandy also has a website http://www.kidscandoit.com, which has an ongoing essay contest that lets kids write their own true story about the toughest decision they had to make. She also collects stories and posts them once a month on the “Fun Stuff” section of the site. Check it out! This work by Reading Tub is licensed under a Creative Commons … Read more