Books 2008: A Gift for the Ages (Updated – 10 December)

As mentioned previously in lots of places, Colleen Mondor (Chasing Ray) has expanded her annual 12 Days of Book Recommendations into a Holiday Open House for book bloggers. She will be updating this post with recommendations for the first 12 days of December. We have been invited to offer our suggestions for gift books that go beyond the “best of” lists. Our goal is to help you discover a book that will have meaning for the person you’re giving it to. Among all the recommendations, you’re likely to learn about book that match the interests of your recipient. Reading is a gift that lasts a lifetime. It begins with sharing simple stories sitting with a child on your lap and … Read more

The Book Bag, Books for Ages 0 to 4 (November/December 2008)

Because books make such a wonderful holiday gift, we wanted to make sure that we published our Book Bags in time for you to select stories that kids are sure to love. Here are some of the fun infant and toddler stories we’ve read recently. Our thanks to Andrea and Mark of Just One More Book for their podcast reviews of seasonal titles. Click the book’s title to read our review. Click the cover to connect with a bookseller. The Reading Tub uses its earnings from purchases to donate books to at-risk readers and keep the website subscription-free. Animal Exercises – Poems to Keep Fit written by Mandy Ross and illustrated by Sanja Rescek. Get kids moving with these poems … Read more

The Book Bag, Books for Ages 5 to 8 (September/October 2008)

It was hard to keep this to a small pile. There have been lots of great books from our reviewers this time. How the Moon Regained Her Shape written by Janet Ruth Heller, illustrated by Ben Hodson. The moon loved to dance. She was full of happiness, until one day she crossed in front of the sun. The moon was deeply hurt by the sun’s mean words, and she began shrinking. It wasn’t until a comet friend encouraged her to visit Round Arms that she understood how the world appreciated her. “This is a nice twist on the traditional folktale about the moon. The illustrations add to distinguishing the book, as the moon is dressed in colorful garb. We also … Read more