Books We Read – October

October 2009 [Books received: 36; books read: 46] This is always a fun time of year for reading, in part, because the changing season and string of holidays that begin mid-October naturally lend themselves to sharing stories. We’re still using “KP” to designate which books the kids are picking for themselves from the library. As you would expect, we’ve been digging into the Cybils-nominated easy reader/short chapter books. Reviews will be forthcoming for many of them over the next few weeks. If you’ve written a review (website or blog) for any of the books with links, please click through and add your name/URL on the review page via Mr. Linky. We like letting our visitors know what other readers think! … Read more

Buy Books for the Holidays

I am one of those people who will CREATE a holiday to buy books. Why not? They are fun,  they can be the catalyst for great memories, and they are a VERY sound investment. This morning Amy (My Friend Amy) kicked off the Buy Books for the Holiday campaign.  In her opening post, Amy explains why she puts together a team of bloggers for this annual campaign: “We believe strongly in the written word, in the importance of a literate society and we recognize that it’s up to us make our voices heard about books and reading. You have a lot of options for gifts this holiday season, but we hope you’ll work to give a gift with lasting value, … Read more

Book Talk: Making Friends with Books

In making my way through this year’s collection of Cybils nominees in the Easy Reader and Short Chapter Book category, I have been struck by three things. 1. the number of books that are part of a series; 2. the number of books that feature animal characters; and 3. the recurring theme of buddy stories.  As I mentioned in my b0ok talk about Cybils nominees Elephant and Piggie, new readers like familiar things. Not unlike friends in the real world … when they (or us for that matter) go to a new place, we immediately look for someone or something familiar we can connect with. With so many early reader books centered around friendship, you would think that they risk … Read more