I first started writing this for next week’s Reading Round-up, but then I decided to have fun with it as a post all its own. Over at the Wild Rose Reader, Elaine Magliaro has two terrific posts about having fun with all those falling (or about to be falling) leaves. In Autumn Leaf Crafts & Activities you’ll find great ideas (and links) for fun things to do with leaves. You’ll also find a link to her Nonfiction Monday post with a comprehensive review of Look What I Did with a Leaf! So, as I was writing about Elaine’s posts, my brain started branching out with ideas for stories you can share to go along with the theme. We’d love to … Read more

Great Books for Back to School

Summer vacation lasts a mere 36 more hours here! The pencils are sharpened, the backpack and lunchbox match, but the changes … even for my “seasoned” first grader … have her a little nervous. And I know she isn’t alone. So I’ve put together a list of books to share. The common thread is that they are about or have the story set in school. For younger kids, you’ll find plenty of books with a first-time-in-school theme. My new favorite for this year is Splat the Cat by Rob Scotton For independent readers and older kids, there are some great stories that are set in school. Some are humorous and others deal with more serious themes (like bullying). This year’s … Read more

The Issue of Books

The Weekly Geek Challenge #4 has pushed all of my other to-do’s to the back of the inbox.  The idea is to choose books with a political or social issue that matters to you. I love this idea because it is rather timely … when was the last day you can remember not hearing the names Hillary, Barrack, or McCain? Even when I don’t read the articles, my six-year-old Kindergartner points out their pictures. Which leads me to my next point …Books that get kids reading about an issue get kids THINKING. They’ll remember it (whatever “it” may be). My daughter knows who the presidential candidates are because she read Time for Kids in school. The same is true for … Read more