The Book Bag: Books for Ages 4 to 8, September 2005

Arctic Airlift by Richard Ross. When Robert, listening on his radio in the Midwest, learns from an Airship Captain that the Polar Ice Pack has cracked in several places, he knew that could spell trouble for Santa, and Christmas. (Bluefox Press, 2005) Ernest and Elston by Laura T. Barnes. Elston, the Rooster, decides to make himself a donkey like Ernest, because all of the other barnyard animals complain about his early-morning crowing. When Elston takes that last step and stifles his cockle-doodle-do, he learns how much the animals truly value him! This is an animal story with an easily absorbed lesson about being true to yourself. (Barnesyard Books, 2005) Get Inside the Sea by Robert Harvey. Sit at the bottom … Read more

The Book Bag, Books for Ages 8 to 12, September 2005

We spent A LOT of time reading in the Tub this month! Here are some of the thirty-four books we just posted. Parents worried about getting and keeping their middle-schoolers interested in reading will find some great stories. Any Possible Outcome: A Book of Urban Tales by K.C. Taylor. This is a collection of short stories about the challenges that confront our children. These vignettes will resonate with junior and senior high school students and would be great conversation starters. The reader will understand how tough the living conditions are and how limited the options are for getting out of the urban jungle.(GND Publishing, 2003) Magnolia by Sabrina Hofkin. Magnolia Holden has her summer in Manzanita Falls planned: she’ll go … Read more

The Book Bag: Books for Ages 4 to 8, August 2005

Our family reviewers have been VERY busy this summer … Here is a sampling of the books most recently posted to the Web site. Click the title to see our Profile. There is no particular order to the presentation of books. I Take a DEEEP Breath! by Sharon Penchina and Stuart Hoffman. “Although geared for children, this is a nice reminder for parents to slow down, too. The repetition of the activity, combined with the multiple opportunities to practice taking a deep breath, make for a calmer child by the end of the book.” (2 Imagine Publishers, 2005)Squirt by Stacy Nyikos. What do you do if you’re a squid and you can’t go outside to play? For Squirt, the answer … Read more