Are eReaders the Answer for Dormant Readers?

That was one of the Literacy 2.0 questions that came up this week on, a forum for parenting in a tech-based world. I knew I’d written about the topic of ereaders before, but couldn’t find THE post I was looking for here on the Bookshelf. This morning I found it … a post I had written on the Big Universe Learning blog last fall. With summer reading now upon us, I’m re-sharing here and would love your thoughts, too! eReaders: The Ubiquitous Frontier Before I go one sentence further let me say this – eReaders are fabulous. I love our Nook … it is a family reader. I love being able to read Kindle books on my phone. We’ve … Read more

Make a Match: Books for a Striving Reader

In January, I wrote my first post for our Make a Match series. To be frank, it is a plea to my readers for help to find that “just right” book for the tougher bookworms-in-training. I love working with young readers because each one is unique and they all open my eyes to new ways of approaching literacy. Read-alikes are my go-to lists when parents ask for recommendations or I see a reader likes a certain genre. But sometimes, that isn’t enough. Over the years, there are readers who have stumped me. They have very specific likes, dislikes, and reading needs … and I have run out of ideas to hook them on a book. Meet Our Reader: 10-year-old boy who wants … Read more

Encyclopedia Brown Inspires Readers – No Mystery There

The Encyclopedia Brown series by Donald J Sobol has inspired and hooked kids as readers for nearly 50 years. What makes these books enduring? What clues do they give us about connecting kids with the right book at the right time? Read more