Kindness Knows No Season

For many of us, tonight is a time of quietude and hope. That moment in our year that we actually stop to take time for reflection. For Christians, it is also about Christ’s birth, and a star in the East that served as a guide to shepherds and kings alike. In the story, The Man Made of Stars, a young boy discovers that his acts of kindness add stars to the sky. It seems like a perfectly apropos selection for today. We are going to close out our year with hope for a better, kinder world in 2016. I am one of those sappy people who wishes that Christmas spirit would last all year ’round … or at least well into spring! Who … Read more

Hands-on Reading: Playing with Books

Kids like to touch stuff. They like to play with stuff. So why not incorporate hands-on reading into story time? This past spring, Chronicle Books sent us several of the books in their Busy Baby series.  We shared them with our reviewing families to read them their kids. There is hands-on reading on every page of these sturdy board books. The face you see is a wooden circle painted happy on one side, and sad on the other. We don’t yet have the review for Busy Baby: Friends; but Busy Baby: Trucks was a huge hit. Both children (ages 2 and 4) loved this book and loved turning the baby’s head back and forth. I loved the pictures in this book; it … Read more

Crayons Make Great Gifts, Too

Crayons?! you say? Yes, it’s true. Crayons, markers, chalk – all offer endless possibilities for the lucky person who holds them. Plus, coloring and drawing are activities that can be done alone or shared. Today’s post shares some gift ideas for artsy kids of all ages.  Art supplies often pair very well with a “how-to” book. Susie Brooks’ Get into Art series introduces kids to artists and famous works of art, while at the same time giving them the encouragement to try their hand at specific techniques, as well as experiment and be create their own projects. Crayons and Creativity This collection of of recommendations focuses on books that engage readers with hands-on activities and exploration. Many of the links … Read more