The Book Bag, Books for ages 0 to 4, September/October 2007

This is a new book bag, starting this month. New subscribers have asked for books in this target audience, so from here on out, we will have a third Book Bag every two months! Normally the Book Bags comprise the short-list of our favorite reads in the previous two months. For the new subscribers in this group, I would also like to include a link to a list of Favorite Books for Preschoolers. Cathy Puett Miller, the Literacy Ambassador created this list to help parents of our youngest readers-to-be get excited about the reading to come. Animal Boogie by Debbie Harter Read and dance your way through this book that introduces kids to jungle animals, flora, and fauna in their … Read more


Here in the Reading Tub® we get books … lots and lots of books. In every edition of The Wash Rag I have include a list of some of those titles. These are the books that I would stop to thumb through if I saw them on display. Something about them intrigues me and piques my interest. Given the number of books we’ve received in the last 90 days (somewhere on the order of 150 books), the list is too long to put in the newsletter. So I’m making a change. Beginning this month, I will publish a “Reading Ahead” column for each of our target audiences: 0 to 4, 5 to 8, and 9 to 12. They will arrive … Read more