Reading with Kids – Let’s Make Some Noise

There are lots of reasons that I love reading with kids. Sometimes I love a book for its story, but sometimes its for the words themselves. The way they “feel” in my mouth or when I say them out loud. There are times when the illustration draws me in, and times when the wordplay makes me laugh out loud.  Whatever the reason, the love of a book is meant to be shared. We have created Book Recommendations as the place to go when you need to “feel” a book. These recommendations for reading with kids are all about the visceral (dare I say tactile) experience of reading.* To kick off our new collection of reading with kids ideas, we have some … Read more

Simplify Your Life Week with Kidlit

Simplify your life. Sounds grand, doesn’t it? Back in February I started Operation Downsize, an effort to get rid of one thing every day. Some days it is something big: a broken chair, unused pots for donation, etc. Somedays it is something small: the dry-rotted rubber bands in the junk drawer, plastic containers missing lids, etc. This week, though, I am going to step up my game and get the 11-year-old involved. She won’t do it for me, but she MIGHT do it for National Simplify Your Life Week. [It is so simplified there is no official website!] To kick things off, we are sharing a list with some of our favorite children’s books that can start the simplify your … Read more

Life Lessons for Kids – Let a Book Talk for You

Helping kids with life lessons. Oh so important, but oh so exhausting. I don’t know about you, but I feel like my voice is an echo chamber. With the kids around 24/7 I feel like I am saying (and hearing) the same things over and over, suggesting solutions to the same old problems (friendship, anxiety, communication skills, girl drama, et al), and just overall sounding like a broken record. Frankly, I am tired of hearing my own voice, so I know the 11-year-old is! With both of us in need of a break, it is time to bring out the *real* authority: books! Last spring, I wrote a post for the Big Universe Blog about teaching kids life lessons through … Read more