Hands-on Reading: Playing with Books

Kids like to touch stuff. They like to play with stuff. So why not incorporate hands-on reading into story time? This past spring, Chronicle Books sent us several of the books in their Busy Baby series.  We shared them with our reviewing families to read them their kids. There is hands-on reading on every page of these sturdy board books. The face you see is a wooden circle painted happy on one side, and sad on the other. We don’t yet have the review for Busy Baby: Friends; but Busy Baby: Trucks was a huge hit. Both children (ages 2 and 4) loved this book and loved turning the baby’s head back and forth. I loved the pictures in this book; it … Read more

Reading with Kids – Let’s Make Some Noise

There are lots of reasons that I love reading with kids. Sometimes I love a book for its story, but sometimes its for the words themselves. The way they “feel” in my mouth or when I say them out loud. There are times when the illustration draws me in, and times when the wordplay makes me laugh out loud.  Whatever the reason, the love of a book is meant to be shared. We have created Book Recommendations as the place to go when you need to “feel” a book. These recommendations for reading with kids are all about the visceral (dare I say tactile) experience of reading.* To kick off our new collection of reading with kids ideas, we have some … Read more