Happy New Year – Let the #Cybils Reading Begin

Is there really any better way to finish one year and start another? I think not! Last night, just before midnight, I finished The Dragons of Ordinary Farm [review coming soon.] That means today I need something new to read. Are you in the same boat? Let me suggest you peruse the 2015 Cybils Finalists lists. With 89 books across 11 categories / genres, there are plenty of highly-recommended books to choose for your first reads of 2016. Want to take it the extra step? Pick your favorite category and read along with the Round 2 judges.  Yes, your library is closed today, but their online catalog isn’t! Visit worldcat.org to find and reserve the books you want to read. … Read more

Lori Ries’ Aggie & Ben Series – #TBT Reviews

Welcome back fans & friends! This week’s Throwback Thursday is going to the dogs. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. We are our continuing celebration of all things Cybils with a throwback to TWO Lori Ries books: Good Dog, Aggie (Cybils 2009) and Aggie the Brave (Cybils 2010 nominee). Both books were nominated in the Easy Reader category. Just a reminder. Today is the last day for nominations for the 2015 cycle. There are ten categories, and we won’t know about your great recommendations if you don’t nominate them! Good Dog, Aggie written by Lori Ries illustrated by Frank W. Dormer Charlesbridge, 2009 Ben is trying to train his dog Aggie, who just flunked out of obedience school. When he says sits, … Read more


#TBT Book Review – Teach Us, Amelia Bedelia

If it is August, it is time for thoughts of “back to school.” This week we’ve pulled an easy reader from the the archive: Teach Us, Amelia Bedelia by Peggy Parrish. Do you have a favorite Amelia Bedelia book – add it to our collection in the comments below!!

amelia bedelia easy readerTeach Us, Amelia Bedelia

written by Peggy Parish
illustrated by Lynn Sweat

Scholastic Press, 1977

Amelia Bedelia’s boss asks her to go by the school and let the principal know that the new teacher will be late in getting to school. Amelia goes to the school, but before she can tell the principal the whole story, he gives gives her a list of things that need to be done.

So Amelia gets to work. Project 1: paint pictures with the children. Amelia Bedelia means well, but somehow things get very complicated.

Reading Tub book review of Teach Us, Amelia Bedelia – May 2009

Why a Throwback Thursday for Book Reviews?

Those of us who blog about books are a community. We read lots of books, we write lots of reviews, and we share those reviews with fellow book lovers and those in search of books for children and teens on our blogs, websites, and via social media.

We write so many reviews that, over time, they get buried by other, newer reviews. BUT! that book we read three years ago will always be new to some reader, somewhere. So why not share that review with a new audience?

Everyone is welcome! Here are the participation guidelines:

  • If you reviewed the same book we’re featuring, add your permalink to the original review on the Reading Tub website or in the InLinkz Linkup.
  • Want to (re)share a review you posted in June 2009, then add your permalink in the InLinkz Linkup. [No, it doesn’t have to be a book you loved; but it does have to be a review you take a lot of pride in.]
  • Add any notes about the review in the comments, please.

The spammers have been having a blast with our Throwback Thursday posts … now its your turn to take back blogging from those nuisances. Did you review Teach Us, Amelia Bedelia? Or another book from May 2009? Add it to our linkup above or comments below.

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