Literacy Lalapalooza #1 – Gifts & Tips November

The Reading Tub celebrates 10 years of providing family literacy support by sharing tips, tools, and book recommendations for its Literacy Lalapalooza. Each edition of the monthly celebration is focused on events, ideas and activities of the month. It is also designed to help parents make educational choices in gifts for their kids or their kids’ friends. Read more

Books We Read – September 2011

Yeah! The trips to the school library have resumed! Remember last month when I said that the earthquake became a point of reading interest? Well the 1-2-punch of the earthquake and Hurricane Irene pushed research into another weather phenomena: tornadoes! We’re slowly getting back into the swing of reviews, too. This month we have more new reviews than we have books read. I shared a stack of 2010 Cybils-nominated Easy Readers with one of our families after the winners were announced and those reviews are now in, too. As always, we would love to get our visitors reading YOUR REVIEWS!  InLinkz ( offers YOU an easy-to-use process and US a more secure system for connecting our reviews. It has thumbnails, … Read more

Books We Read – August 2011

Another slow month … bigger chapter books, more time off line, and a week kicked off with a misfortunate event, summer swim championships, an earthquake, and the resumption of school. The good news about the earthquake was that it opened the door for some research and you-know-who devoured every newspaper article she could get her hands on! Ah, small victories. We haven’t put up any reviews, but would love to get our visitors reading YOURS! We are using InLinkz on the Reading Tub website now.  InLinkz ( offers us a more secure system for connecting our reviews – and has thumbnails, too!!  I cannot say enough great things about Team Inlinkz and their level of support and service … or … Read more