Week 7 of the Library Club

Catherine and I returned to the library probably for the last time this summer. I wanted a batch of books with a return date that got us through to school. These are due 26 August … right after school starts. It has been a fun summer watching her grow as a reader. She already likes to read and often picks up something “just because,” so it isn’t about the technical skill of reading. No, what I’ve enjoyed is watching her learn how she can explore. It’s that little  voice inside her that is gaining strength and says “let’s go look for something about X.” For the second week in a row, Catherine headed straight to the online catalog. She wanted … Read more

Review: Maybelle Goes to Tea

Maybelle Goes to Teawritten by Katie Speckillustrated by Paul Ratz de Tagyos(Henry Holt and Company, 2008) “What an Adorable Cockroach” is not a statement I ever expected to say in this lifetime. My bug-loving daughter? Yes. Me? Uh, no. But in the interest of full disclosure, I must admit that I did in fact utter those words … several times. Tell me, would you be able to resist a cockroach with a pink bow in her hair? The StoryMaybelle and her friend Henry (a flea) live at Number 10 Grand Street. Maybelle doesn’t like the risks that come with being adventurous, and she is content to live under the refrigerator in a house where everything is just so: nothing out … Read more

Review: I Will Surprise My Friend

I Will Surprise My Friend (An Elephant & Piggy Book)written and illustrated by Mo Willems Hyperion Books for Children, 200857 pages Gerald is an elephant. He’s big, he wears glasses, and he is thoughtful. Piggie is his best friend. She’s skinny (by traditional pig standards) and is often seen dancing. Together, they watch a squirrel “surprise” his friend. The friend was startled, but then they laughed together and ran off to do it again. Gerald and Piggie got an idea! Piggie will surprise Gerald and Gerald will surprise Piggie. Right here. At this rock. Off they go … to wait. And wait. And wait. Until Gerald starts to worry about Piggie and Piggie gets hungry. As they get up from … Read more