Reading Tub Book Talks: Getting Kids Hooked on Reading

Updated to add Classroom Literacy project link. One of my projects this week has been to load the reviews we received from North Junior High School, Saint Cloud, Minnesota. Ms. Johnson’s class [Language Arts 2] participated in our Use Your ABCs program, a classroom literacy project that is designed to give readers-in-need a chance to practice their reading and comprehension skills, and also get books to classroom libraries. I’ve already written a note to Ms. Johnson about how great these reviews are.  There are several things that are clear: Covers matter, and so does the blurb on the back. More than two-thirds of the students commented that the cover and/or summary influenced their decision to pick Book X from the … Read more

Author Interview: Rana DiOrio

If you ask Rana, she will describe herself as a writer first. THEN she’ll tell you about all of her career … as a lawyer, an investment banker, and private equity investor. That journey – and her passion for stories – ultimately led her to continue to explore and grow as a published author and entrepreneur. When she realized that a traditional publishing model wouldn’t work for her goals, Rana created Little Pickle Press. Rana describes it as a “21st century children’s media publisher dedicated to helping parents and educators cultivate conscious, responsible little people by inspiring our readers to help children in need, celebrate diversity, and protect the environment.” They walk the talk, too, and work diligently to minimize … Read more