An Illiterate Life – What does it look like?

Reading. For many of us it is like breathing – we’re sitting here doing both, thinking about neither one. What would life be like if I didn’t know how to read? I have been giving that question a lot of thought, lately. I don’t mean picking up a book for pleasure, I am talking about everyday reading. An Experiment For several days I tried go about my day, consciously working not to read. It was hard, very hard. My default is to read, in part, because it is a natural part of who I am. Here is what I discovered when I tried “not reading” for a couple of days. I had no idea how many ibuprofen pills to take … Read more

Holiday Shopping: Time to Unplug

I have been thinking a lot about the impact of screens on children lately. From sleep and screen-addiction issues to motor skills and the ability to recognize emotions in others. It started when Carol Rasco shared an Education News story about a bedtime math story app. Most recently, it was the new Common Sense Media study about media use by tweens and teens. These aren’t the only ones, though. Here is a sampling of what I’ve been reading. [Image Source: The Guardian, 2013, ONOKY/Photononstop/Alamy] Lots to think about, a lot rattling around in my brain … especially now, as many of us are gearing up for holiday shopping. This year, rather than opting for an iTunes gift card, a new video … Read more

Going to the Clouds – Literacy + Life

With summer (unofficially) behind us, the days ahead will bring beautiful blue skies and lots of wispy clouds! Clouds are the perfect canvas for literacy activities. They’re free to look at any time you want! They put imagination to work. Cloud gazing can inspire stories. It is a family-friendly activity everyone can play. Literacy In the Clouds When you “transform” a cloud into something concrete is a critical thinking skill. You are using your brain to connect the cloud to something your brain already recognizes. Not all that dissimilar to learning letters and putting them into words. Here are three, go-anywhere activities that send your literacy activities to the clouds! I Spy a Cloud … Have you ever looked at … Read more