Something to Read, Part II

Guided Reading at Home, a Two-Part Series for Parents by Cathy Puett Miller, The Literacy Ambassador Reading is one of the things that every child must possess to be successful in life. Like walking, it is a skill that is learned, with lots of practice. It isn’t a natural ability that we are born with. This two-part series by literacy expert Cathy Puett Miller is designed to give parents simple tools they can use at home to complement your child’s school work, and offer additional one-on-one practice that is rewarding for everyone. Part II: What Does This Mean? Good readers use specific tools to make sense of words, paragraphs and text. In the first article in this series, we focused … Read more

Something to Read

It’s hard to believe it’s been two months since we last posted some news. Between family events and vacation, and TONS of reading new books, summer has come and is just about gone. We’re starting to get promo material and books Christmas already. If you’ve tried to visit the site lately you know that there are still some kinks we’re working out in the Upgrade. Technology is what it is, so we just wait. Because we embed links to books and Website pages, the snafu has delayed our ability to get the Summer Edition of the Wash Rag and the July/August Book Bags published. Rest assured, we’ll get them out as soon as possible. The interviews look terrific … and … Read more

It’s All In a Word

FRUSTRATION. It’s the harumph we hear when our preschooler is working on a puzzle and tries to connect the horse’s head piece to the dog’s body piece. It’s the wail of “Mommy, help me” when both of her legs somehow end up in the same pant-leg hole on the shorts. For us big kids, its the sensation of being lost when we lose our access to the Internet. Luckily, all of those are temporary frustrations, overcome with patience, pratice, and (for the latter) getting the power restored. But can you imagine what it would be like to carry around that frustration as a permanent feeling? Just think about it. We want to get on the Internet because it connects us … Read more