We’re Having a Cow

When my daughter came in after school today, she had a new friend. A cow. Named Mac. He’ll be living with us until Tuesday. Mac is a stuffed cow … and a clever disguise for a homework assignment. He comes with a journal, a pencil, and some crayons. The cow-sitter is responsible for writing about her adventures with Mac in the class journal.   So far, Mac has met Casey (the dog), gotten dressed for the princess ball, and taken a long bike ride to the park. Cool, Mac exercises, too.   Happy Friday. See you Moo-nday. 


As I mentioned in a previous post, the ABC’s Children’s Book Competition gives us — the people who read children’s books — a chance to pick the next great book. Voting opened on Sunday, September 16 and you can vote until September 30. Don’t forget to get the kids involved … they can vote, too. Click here to read the manuscripts of the twelve finalists! http://www.abcbookcompetition.org This is the third year for this competition. The prize is a publishing contract, a print run of 10,000 hardcover copies, plus 1,000 extra copies for the author to do with as he/she pleases. So 10 months from now when you’re at your morning playgroup and a Mom says “did you hear about this … Read more

Annual Celebration: I Love to Write Day

This is an excerpted Press Release from I Love to Write Day … a great way to encourage a love of reading! The Governor of Delaware, Ruth Ann Minner, officially declared November 15 I Love To Write Day in the State of Delaware, and “urges all Delawareans to set time aside today to write something and share the joys of the written word.” The Governors of seven other states have joined the party, and have proclaimed November 15 I Love To Write Day in their states: Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, New Jersey, Maryland, Louisiana and Kentucky. More Governors will be contacted this year, and asked to recognize I Love To Write Day. Last year, I Love To Write Day was celebrated … Read more