Winter Reading

What is it about winter that seems to make it more conducive to reading with our kids ? Maybe it’s the shorter days, or the so-called cold weather. It’s going to be 70 degrees here in the Virginia Piedmont today! One of the favorite things in our house is cocoa picnics. While I’m making cocoa, my daughter picks out a book (or two) and grabs a blanket. Great memories, wonderful fun, and a terrific way to keep that frightful weather at bay. Have a favorite reading activity? Tell us about it … Want to create a new favorite activity. Check out The Reading Party Author L.J.Davis (A Simple Brown Leaf) has created a web site for anyone who wants to … Read more

Annual Celebration: I Love to Write Day

This is an excerpted Press Release from I Love to Write Day … a great way to encourage a love of reading! The Governor of Delaware, Ruth Ann Minner, officially declared November 15 I Love To Write Day in the State of Delaware, and “urges all Delawareans to set time aside today to write something and share the joys of the written word.” The Governors of seven other states have joined the party, and have proclaimed November 15 I Love To Write Day in their states: Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, New Jersey, Maryland, Louisiana and Kentucky. More Governors will be contacted this year, and asked to recognize I Love To Write Day. Last year, I Love To Write Day was celebrated … Read more

The Wash Rag, Summer 2006

Well, ‘technically’ it is still summer … Just when you think you’ve got technology under control, Tropical Storm Ernesto takes out your electricity and the ISP, too. Go figure! REMINDER: If you have a web site that has links to Reading Tub™ profiles created before July 2006, you will want to find your book and update the hyperlink. Our old style (title+.html) is gone. Now you need to know your book’s ID number. Click here to get started. If you need help with retrieving the link, just send us an email. ADVERTISEMENT: Join the Grannie Annie Project. Kids ages 9 to 14 (fourth through eigth grade) are invited to write a story about their family and have it published in … Read more