Literacy Lalapalooza – Happy 2013

Our Literacy Lalapalooza is a 14-month celebration of the Reading Tub’s 10th Anniversary. It is our way of thanking you for sharing the gift of literacy. Each issue will have   Idea for literacy and reading. Tools and/or Resources suggestions (e.g., websites, games, toys) Book ideas, one for each reading group: 0-4, 5-9, 10&Up Sign up for the newsletter edition and DOUBLE the ideas. Subscribers already got their email with a completely unique set of recommendations. You must select “Literacy Lalapalooza” in the Sign Me Up For … section 1 Literacy Idea: Clean Out the Sock Drawer No matter the color, no matter the condition socks make great puppets! Playing with puppets is a great way to build or practice literacy … Read more

Happy Birthday Reading Tub: 10 Years of Literacy

To mark 10 years of promoting family literacy, the Reading Tub is launching a newsletter to deliver literacy ideas and gift suggestions to subscribers of the blog and its new literacy lalapalooza newsletter. Read more

Children’s Literacy News and Reading News Roundup: August in Review

The Family Bookshelf hosts the mid-August roundup of literacy news, children’s literacy events, and reading ideas. This is a syndicated collection of reading-related material which is co-authored with Jen Robinson’s Book Page and Carol Rasco’s Quietly. Read more