Books as Gifts

Like many of you, books are among my favorite gifts – holiday, birthday, thinking of you, just because. Aside from the literacy side of things, books are the gift that shows you thought about someone when you selected it. You picked books as gifts because … the title character has the same name. you know they like [insert favorite thing here.] a place, character or event reminded you of them. you loved the story and thought they would, too. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be spending time looking for those “just right” gifts. Top on the list will be books as gifts, of course, but there are other things, too. [There is an outstanding request for a hamster from … Read more

Authors: Promotion for You and Giving Back, too

Authors. Once or twice a year, I borrow some space on the blog to talk about the Reading Tub® and our charitable work. As regular readers know, we are a 100% volunteer 501(c)(3). While our work is “free,” the costs of getting reading materials to at-risk readers and underwriting our literacy resources, is not. Rather than create grand events that benefit just us, we have opted for opportunities that offer a Win-Win to everyone. Our Author Showcase is just that kind of opportunity. Through our website, blog, and other social media platforms we can help authors of children’s and young adult books increase the discoverability of their work. In return, they can help us get reading material to at-risk readers … Read more